Argentine Symposium on Embedded Systems

The Argentine Symposium on Embedded Systems (SASE) is an annual event that brings together the academic community and industry around the theme of Embedded Systems.

As part of SASE, Tutorials, Workshops, and the Argentine Congress of Embedded Systems (CASE) are held, where dozens of research and development works are presented each year, which are published in various categories for free.

Additionally, the Student Project Competition is held, organized in different categories, along with a University Equipment Program and a Accommodation Scholarship Program for students from Argentina and other countries in the region.

The objectives of SASE are as follows:

  • To disseminate in the professional and academic fields the technologies associated with embedded systems.
  • To promote industry-academia interaction on topics associated with embedded systems.
  • To encourage university students and young professionals to take an interest in embedded systems.

SASE 2024

The next Argentine Symposium on Embedded Systems SASE2024 will be held from August 7 to 9, 2024 at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. The following activities will be carried out:

Workshops 2024

Workshops in hands-on mode.

Tutoriales 2024

Technical talks lasting 90 minutes, grouped by topics.

Student Project Competition 2024

About final projects and undergraduate courses.

More Information

Accommodation scholarships

Accommodation scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate students.